Thursday, December 24, 2015

We Came to Chase away the Darkness

We Came to Chase away the Darkness

What is it that makes December 25th so special? Santa Clause? Rudolph the red nose reindeer, the eggnog, the Xmas tree filled with gifts, or Frank Sinatra singing “Jingle Bells” and “O Little Town of Bethlehem?” What makes December 25th so special is that it’s believed to be the birth of Jesus the Jewish Messiah. 

Cardinal Fitzmyer a Catholic authority to the Pope comments on this error and says:

"Though the year [of Jesus birth is not reckoned with certainty, the birth did not occur in AD 1. The Christian era, supposed to have its starting point in the year of Jesus birth, is based on a miscalculation introduced ca. 533 by Dionysius Exiguus."

Is it acceptable that former gentiles who abandoned the lie of Dec 25th to go on holy witch hunts where they condemn their Christian neighbors for observing Christmas? 

Listen, as Rabbi Yehezqel of Kehilat Melech Yisrael in Toronto Ontario explains why "We came to chase away the darkness."